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Social media advertising prices vary depending on multiple factors. Taking into consideration your targeted audience size, industry and ad design, the amount you spend for someone to click on your ad and become a customer isn’t a one-size-fits-all cost. While there are variations though, some general benchmark costs do exist.

Pros (swipe for cons)
Audience Variety: No matter who you’re targeting, chances are, you’ll find them on social media.

Editable Strategy: Is one of your ads underperforming? No problem. Make changes to your ad copy and targeting in real time to optimise performance.

Many Content Types: With social, you can use GIFs, images, and video for a more engaging advertising campaign.
Cons (swipe for pros)
Each Platform has Differing Users: The varied users on each social media network means that your ads may not perform equally across the different channels. For example, business owners might not be on LinkedIn yet and farmers may not be on Twitter.

Continual Monitoring: Checking on the real time data generated from your campaigns is continuous. This is because you’ll want to make sure your producing the greatest ROI.

What goes into determining your ad cost?

There are many variables that can influence the cost of advertising on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter, such as the industry you are in, the season, time of day and locations you are targeting

The two primary measurement tools to evaluate the cost of advertising on social  media are; “CPC” Cost per click and “CPM”, Cost per 1000 impressions. Here are the average costs of advertising across the 4 major social platforms

Facebook CPC of R7.05 and CPM of R125.32
Instagram CPC of R17.71 and CPM of R92.68
Twitter CPC of R7.33 and CPM of R79.67
LinkedIn CPC of R77.60 and CPM of R83.68

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