7 tips to create punchy content

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create punchy content
Customers would rather buy from a trusted source and you can build that trust by posting quality content online. In this article, we’ll cover 7 tips on how to create punchy content for your brand. Let’s dive into our 7 tips on writing content that will draw your audience in.

Get attention with a strong title!

80% of users will read your title and 20% won’t make it to the end of your article. That’s how important your title is in motivating your audience to read further. When crafting your title, these tips will certainly help you create a strong one:
  1. Use a number. Numbers are brain candy for the user
  2. Include rationales in your title- for example words like “tips, reasons, lessons or tricks” work well
  3. Be specific- some examples include “7 tips for entrepreneurs” “Write a business plan from scratch” and “3 free marketing tool for small business
  4. State the obvious in your title
  5. Use common words

Follow an inverted pyramid model

Structure your content like an upside-down pyramid. What does that mean? This means that the most important information is found early in the content and gradually drills down into more detail towards the end of your article. For example : if you’re writing about an upcoming event, you’d want the date, venue and theme displayed prominently. Less important items like who is funding the event and event organisers can be included towards the end.

Short, simple sentences

Make sure that your content is easy to read. This means including short, simple sentences and using common words. Aim to keep your sentences below 35 words. This will make sure that your content reaches a wider audience. A really awesome tool that you can use (for free) is The Readability Test Tool to see if your content is readable.

Active voice

Using active voice when writing makes your content more relatable to the reader. It makes your reader feel as though you’re talking directly to them. An example of active voice would be “the lady ordered a pizza” as opposed to “a pizza was ordered”.

Explain jargon

Your content needs to reach the widest possible audience. This means that if you use a lot of industry jargon without explaining it you’ll lose a lot of readers (and possible leads). Explain jargon and acronyms upon first introduction and don’t forget to keep it simple.

Make your content scannable

There’s nothing worse for a reader to open your content and not be able to, at a glance, determine if it’s the right content for them. By making your content scannable, your reader won’t lose interest and they’d be able to skip to relevant parts of your content. How to make your content scannable:
  1. Use bulleted or numerical lists
  2. Divide content into sections with descriptive sub-headings
  3. Always include some white space around your paragraphs and images- this makes your content more legible

Make your content linkable

Include links to other helpful information within your content. This can be used to direct users to other pages on your website or by mentioning a specific piece of content that someone else has written. This helps tremendously with your SEO rankings. Linking to various other information helps keep users moving through your content- very important when you’re trying to engender trust in your brand. Lastly- don’t forget that research is your friend! Search online for more information on your topic and give your readers what they came looking for! Don’t have the time to create your own content? Contact us with your requirements and budget and we’ll create punchy content for you in no time.

Hey, I'm Kalyn. I hope you enjoyed reading this post.

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