2022 Business Forecast

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There’s no denying that 2021 was another year of change that required businesses to adapt. But what’s in store for 2022?

UX will continue to evolve

Customer Experience will include accessibility as a priority. This means that businesses will focus more resources into becoming more inclusive. We predict that more organizations will prioritize doing business with firms that make accessibility a precedent in their operations. There are some easy ways to make your business more accessible- check out this useful link for more.

Using tech to become desirable

Using tech to become more desirable to your customers will continue to explode. With Facebook now rebranding as Meta, we see a strong inclination for Unicorns to embrace VR & AR and implement these in their user experiences.
By way of example- imagine you own a hair-styling salon. You decide that you want to use VR or AR tech to attract higher paying clients. Now put yourself in your client’s shoes. Imagine being able to sample various hairstyles before committing to them. Then expand this to all other industries. What we’re looking at for 2022 is just the beginning.
Last week, Nike announced that it would create a new virtual world, Nikeland, on the metaverse platform Roblox. Modeled after its real-life headquarters, Nikeland will consist of stadiums, fields, and arenas, where players can compete in dozens of virtual games such as tag and dodgeball. They will even be able to dress their avatars in the latest Nike sneakers and apparel, which they will buy at a virtual shop nested in the platform.
We suggest you get educated (if you aren’t already) on what’s to come. Here are some resources: Joining the Metaverse and Conquering the Metaverse

Non- Fungible Tokens (NFTs) explode

Growing your business by using NFT technology will be the next biggest thing.
NFTs are defined as digital items that can be bought or sold using blockchain technology. We’re currently in the early days of NFTs which means that they’re surrounded by both fans and nay-sayers.
The biggest thing to know about NFTs is that (from a consumer’s standpoint) they represent a way in which we can communicate through our purchases. They’re a digital measure of value and they’re certainly conversation starters.
An example would be a game like Fortnite. My daughter absolutely LOVES this game. I’m talking – Fortnite obsession. And yet, as parents, we’ve spent actual money on virtual currency (V-Bucks) for her to be able to collect various skins and characters. These digital assets allow her to communicate with other players.
Now imagine, as a brand, being able to issue digital certificates representing a one-of-a-kind asset. Even if two assets look the same, they will never be, because the metadata linked to each asset is unique. I’d definitely suggest watching this video to help understand how this concept works:

Climate change & business

Taking into consideration where we’re going with things like blockchain & crypto mining, it makes sense for businesses to employ policies that ensure they tackle their carbon footprints. This will only become more important in the new year.
Especially important to watch is the agricultural industry. There will be changes implemented that specifically focus on soil quality and improving it.
Additionally, South Africa specifically is looking at 3 favorable seasons for the 2021-2022 period which means there will be substantial gains in the food industry. Here’s a link with more information for you.

Africa: start-up hub

Venture capital is flowing into Africa from local and foreign investors alike. In fact, Kenya’s tech scene has been called the “Silicon Savannah.”
It would, therefore, be prudent to watch the developing tech scene in Africa and begin making your own assumptions on its growth.
One thing’s for sure, Africa has the potential to grow at a rapid rate with the right investment. We’ve personally seen a big rise in the BRICS associated countries investing heavily in South Africa in the last 2 years.
Don’t believe us? Check out this link that tells you just how much Africa’s startup ecosystem is valued at currently.
In closing, there’s a lot of new tech to look forward to in 2022. My advice is- educate yourself and get your business involved in as many of these sectors as possible.

Hey, I'm Kalyn. I hope you enjoyed reading this post.

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