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Editing Adworth’s Sales document templates

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Document templates

Congratulations on purchasing one of our document templates sets! In this article we’ll give you tips on how to edit and make them your own.

Our advice is to read through the editing process before you begin editing. Remember to save a copy of the document templates before you begin, in case you need to revert back to them.

This set of document templates will streamline your sales process and help you stay on top of your business. Here are some tips for editing this pack:

Commission Claim Form

First up, here are some tips on editing this sheet-

The next template in this pack is the company structure document (Organogram). Let’s take a look at how to edit that-

Organogram Document

Pretty simple! Next to be edited is the sales training manual.

Sales Training Manual

A sales process document is vital in providing structure to your sales force. It helps your team prospect, qualify leads and ultimately close deals. Let’s look at editing this template-

That’s all there is to it! Next, editing the Sales process template-

Sales Process

A sales process document provides structure for your sales force. It helps your team prospect, qualify leads and ultimately close deals. Editing this template is easy-

Next in the pack is the Weekly KPI tracker document-

Weekly KPI Tracker

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are vital sales resources when measuring the success of your team’s efforts. You can use these metrics in reports on how the team is doing, or in individual assessments. Let’s look at how to edit this template-

So simple, right! Last in the pack is the stock sheet. Editing this is easy-

Stock Sheet

There’s no point in having excellent sales if you have stock issues. This will just result in frustrated sales agents and clients alike. Make use of our stock control template to ensure your business can provide your goods or services as sold. Editing this template is easy-

Now you’re ready to increase your business’ revenue!

Do you have any questions about this sales resources template set? Reach out to us here and we’ll respond within 24 hours. 

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