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Setting up Facebook for Business

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Setting up Facebook for Business

One of the most powerful free marketing tools on the web is Facebook for business

Setting up Facebook for Business is relatively simple and will greatly benefit your business.

Why Facebook?

Facebook is the most widely used social media platform worldwide. It’s often one of the first places someone will go for more information on a business. In South Africa alone, there are over 14 million Facebook users and this number continues to climb. All these people are potential customers and you need to tap into that! Reach out to potential customers by setting up your Facebook business page by following these steps-

Let’s get started

  1. Navigate here facebook.com/pages/create
  2. Select the type of page you want to create
  3. Enter your page name which should be your business name
  4. Select one or two categories that describe what you do
  5. Enter your business information
  6. Click continue (check out Facebook’s policies before clicking because once clicked, you’ve automatically agreed to all)

Add some pictures

Next you will need to upload your profile and cover photos (see dimensions here). Your visual first impression is the one that counts- make sure your images are high quality and relevant to your business.
  1. The first upload will be your profile picture. We suggest using your logo if you have one
  2. Once you’ve selected your photo, click on Upload Profile Picture
Now it’s time for your cover photo. Simply select your cover photo and click on Upload Cover Photo.

Last bits

Add the last information required and that’s it!
  1. Click Create Page @Username in the left menu & input the information required
  2. Click on Create Username
  3. To add business details click on Edit Page Info
  4. Add your business story by navigating to See More (left menu) > About > Our Story
  5. Enter your story and click Publish
You’re ready to now create your first post and publish your page! And there you have it- your business’ Facebook Page. Check out our article on how often to post content here and get posting! Need help with copywriting and social media account management? We can help! Contact us with your needs and budget and we’ll set you up.
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