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3 tips for online advertising

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online advertising

Looking for tips on online advertising? Then look no further! 

As the saying goes “work smarter, not harder” and that’s where we fit in. We’re right there with you, each step of the way.

Successful entrepreneurs need to keep an eye on trends and audience insights to create a meaningful online presence. Gone are the days of spammy emails and boring ads.

Here we’ll unpack our advice on how to get this right-

Produce content

Content is King in online advertising.

Quality content allows your audience to build trust in your brand and to engage with you. It helps your audience relate to your business and helps them make buying decisions.

One way to drive traffic to your website is to create a blog. The more content you have on your blog, the better for lead generation. This is because more content = more chance of your ideal customer finding you online.

Struggling to figure out what content to post? Check out our top tips on content generation here.

Use CTAs

CTA (or call-to-action) is the part of your content, ad or webpage that encourages your audience to do something. Examples of CTAs include “Try for Free” , “Learn More” and “Subscribe”.

The call to action is what provides you with leads and allows you to build an organic database.

Need some help with CTAs? Read our free advice here.

Have a killer USP

A USP (unique selling point) is a must for any business.

An effective USP directly addresses a specific need that your company’s ideal customer faces.  It’s what makes you different and sets you apart from your competitors.

Some things to consider when drafting your USP motivation include-

  • Describing your ideal audience
  • Explaining the problems your business solves
  • The biggest benefits a client gets from choosing to work with you that they could not get from someone else
  • Define your promise / client pledge

Once you’ve got this info down, refine your USP and condense it into 1 sentence.

Think DeBeers – “A diamond is forever”

Now that you’re ready to craft some awesome online advertising content, check out this resource on how to create punchy content.

Looking to tap into some 2021 online advertising trends? Then this article is a must-read.

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