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4 tips for online business success

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Online business success
In this article we’ll focus on the core promotion tips that will ensure your business is an online success. Grow your business with Adworth. Whether you’re new to the business world or long in the tooth, the online market is constantly changing and your business needs to keep up to ensure success.

Build a personal brand

People like to connect with people. Fact. As the core of your business, you’ll need to get used to promoting yourself as a professional. This really is the easiest way to gain customer confidence and grow your business. A staggering 92% of consumers trust recommendations from other people- even if they don’t know them, over branded content. That’s huge! That’s why it’s important to ensure that people associate your brand with you, your values and your personality. But how do you get yourself out into the view of your audience? We suggest:
  • Writing some guest posts
  • Being active on social media (see more about this here)
  • Create a blog where you can display your expertise to potential customers
  • Follow personalities who use personal branding and learn from them (check out Seth Godin for some awesome personal branding)

Work on your content regularly

It’s important to keep your brand front-and-centre when it comes to your online marketing. Customers need to know that what you offer will solve their problems and offer them convenience. Check out this informative article to get your started on crafting relevant content for your target audience here.

Mobile friendly

Something to consider when preparing your marketing material is how it translates to mobile. This is also true of your website. Mobile is fast becoming the dominant device worldwide and if your content isn’t mobile friendly you risk alienating a large portion of your target audience.

Set a schedule

Building an editorial calendar may seem cumbersome at first, but trust us- this is exactly what you need to ensure consistency. We use these often and can’t stress enough how vital this is to successfully marketing your business. Our suggestion is to set up a simple calendar and schedule your content posts for about 3 posts a week. This can vary depending on your preference. That’s a wrap for our 4 tips for online business success. Looking for advice? Drop us a line here and we’ll get you set up in no time.
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