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Call to Action & how to use it

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Call to action

How are you doing with generating leads for your business? If you need to generate more leads, you need to make use of a call to action (or two!)

In online marketing, one of the most effective tools to generate leads is by using a CTA, or Call to Action. A CTA is the part of your content, ad or web-page that encourages your audience to do something. Examples of CTAs include “Try for Free” , “Learn More” and “Subscribe”. The call to action is what provides you with leads and allows you to build an organic database. Simple, right? Oh, if only! However, we are experts in this field and will be sharing some of our intel with you below.
How do I create a punchy CTA?

Be direct and informative

Use a strong command verb when crafting your CTA. This will tell your audience what action is required on their part. If, for example, you want someone to request more information you could use “Find out more” or, if you want a customer to complete a purchase “Buy now” works well. In both cases, the CTA is direct and informative.

Use emotive & enthusiastic words

If you’re enthusiastic about your product, your audience will be too! Think along the lines of “Buy now and get 50% off!” or “Plan your dream wedding today!” Both these examples have strong command verbs and enthusiastic terms.  A small but effective element seen in both examples is the use of the exclamation mark at the end of the CTA. This brings the text to life and gets your audience excited about completing the action. An extension of this would be creating punchy content to invigorate your engagement rates. Give this article a read for some more information on crafting awesome content.

Motivate your audience

Perceived value is super important when it comes to generating leads through CTAs. Offer your customer something they want in exchange for signing up with you. You could try something like “Book your free consultation now!” or if you’re offering e-books or online courses, “Click to download” will also work.

Strike a great deal

One of the best CTA motivators is to mention a sale or promotion. Imagine receiving an email from your favourite brand informing you of a sale they’re having. Their CTA could look like “Shop Now! Sale ends Monday!” When there’s an end date attached to your CTA, it creates FOMO in your customers and they are more likely to interact with your content (and hopefully buy something!) Lastly, don’t be afraid to get creative! If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out this awesome resource.
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