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SEO tips to boost your business

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SEO tips to boost your business

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) isn’t only about search engines, it also enhances the user experience on your website. It delivers relevant search results to users based on their search.  Here we share our top SEO tips to boost your business’ online visibility.

Boost the security of your website

SSL encryption is the HTTPS part of your website’s URL. This boosts the security of your website and ranks favourably with Google’s ranking engines. We suggest activating SSL Encryption if you have an eCommerce website where users must enter a username, password and credit card details. Easily set this up by giving your hosting provider a call to set this up.

Title Tags

Title tags are the clickable headlines shown on search engine results pages for a search result. Make sure that each page on your website has a title tag. These should be under 55 characters long and the keywords should match the content of the page it’s directing users to.

Meta Descriptions

This is a basic description that falls beneath your title tag in search engine results. Your meta descriptions should be no longer than 160 characters and should match the information on the page it’s describing.

Name all images and Alt Tags

Images improve user experience on your website. But they also have a positive impact on your SEO. Alt Tags are simply descriptions of your image that help Google identify what the picture is. The more relevant it is to the search, the more likely it is that your website will show up in search results.

Make sure your website has no 404 error codes

This means checking the links on your website where you have directed users to other content or other pages within your website. Sometimes these pages are removed and a user will land on a 404 page. If your website has its own 404 pages, customise it to the look and feel of your website. It’s best to have a custom page than a blank one.

Create a sitemap

This entails indexing your website’s pages to assist search engines in their analysis of your site. Detailed sitemaps help search engines display your website properly in search results and it’s vital. This article by SemRush is an excellent guide to getting your sitemap ready.

URL Structure

Check your URL structure and make sure it’s devoid of underscores, capital letters and special characters. Your URLS need to be kept succinct so that the focus is on the keyword you want to show up for.

Site Speed

This is super important and cannot be stressed enough. The time it takes for your website to load will either make or break your brand. Search engines notice if your website takes too long to respond and this affects your ranking in results.

Go Mobile

Mobile is fast becoming the dominant device worldwide. It would be wise to design your website to be mobile friendly because search engines notice this and your site is more likely to show up when it matches search criteria.

Long tailed keywords

Long tailed keywords are typically 3-4 keyword phases which are super specific to what you’re promoting. When a user searched for a highly specific phrase, they usually are looking to purchase something. This means that specific searches are more geared towards converting sales.

Website content

The content on your website is what search engines will be indexing. This needs to be relevant and needs to reflect keywords and phrases that suit your company’s products or services. If you need help creating punchy content, check out our article covering just that! We also suggest researching the latest in your field, updating content regularly and write engaging articles.

Structure your data

Combine ratings, images and locations on your website and it will improve your ranking and increase chances of it appearing in search results.

And there you have it! Our 12 SEO tips to boost your business’ online exposure.

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