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Should I upgrade my website?

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Should I upgrade my website?

A website upgrade might be just what you need to get in touch with more customers!

Having an updated website lets visitors know that your company is healthy, thriving and ready for business. Your website is the best way to show customers who you are and what you stand for. If it’s time for a re-design, consider these elements for a tailored user experience:

Use modern elements

Using modern design elements on your website will engage and draw your audience in. When you create curiosity around your company, your audience will explore your website to find out more.

Think about what your customers need in order to do business with you and package your solutions in a clean, well-designed website to increase quality leads. This is one of the most vital things to decide on when you want to upgrade your website.

To use a web designer or not?

Nowadays, you can find tutorials online for almost anything and building your own website is no exception. If you have the time to build your own website, it is a truly rewarding experience but can become labour intensive.

If you need your website upgraded fast, using a web designer is your best bet. You could always check out our website service here – we’d love to help!

Shortlist what you like

Check out your competition’s websites and make a list of what you like and don’t like. You could even create a mood board for what you like and use this as your creative inspiration.

We’ve created a Pinterest board that could help you find some inspiration. View that now.

Mobile friendly

Mobile is fast becoming the world’s most dominant device and making your website mobile friendly is vital to your marketing success. Being mobile friendly improves your website’s visibility in search engines and best of all- users stick around for longer!


An outdated website may not have the tools to track your website’s performance. This means that you are not able to keep track of your website’s effectiveness or see areas that may need improvement. There are many tools online that you can use in conjunction with your website to measure all kinds of things, but these tools need a modern website to work.

Want more info on growing your business? Check out our Ultimate Guide for Entrepreneurs here!

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