Lulalend SME Finance

Access up to R2m within 24hrs using tech and data science to fund SMEs with working capital loans in ways traditional lenders do not

From R3,733.00 per month

Get funding starting from R20,000 to increase your business cash flow or facilitate your expansion goals. Up to R2m funding is available with 24 hour turnaround on approvals  

Lulalend SME Finance


SME funding - taking your business to the next level

Most entrepreneurs who start their own business will need financing from outside sources from time to time. You need cash for essentials like inventory, payroll, equipment and marketing. Rather than dipping into your profits, business financing can cover your costs while keeping your cashflow intact.

This kind of financing can be extremely beneficial during a growth period, to smooth fluctuating cash flow or to prepare for a busy season. If you are considering borrowing money for your business, consider how you will use the funds. If you know that taking the funds will put you in a position to pay it back quickly, then small business financing is a great option.

Bridging the gap in your cash flow

Bridging finance is a form of business finance used to cover immediate costs in the waiting time between receiving an expected cash flow boost. The balancing act between what’s coming in and going out can be like walking a tightrope. This can be especially true when you need to purchase expensive items sooner rather than later. 

Bridging finance is especially useful if you are expanding your company or premises. In such cases, cash flow can help cover your costs in the short term for investments that you expect a return on in the near future.

The light at the end of the tunnel

The good news is, unlike the typically high-interest rates you’d find with this type of finance, Lulalend offers bridging finance that is unsecured, more affordable, and easily accessible within 24 hours. We also allow you to settle early without having to worry about penalty fees.

With Lulalend’s quick and easy online application, you can access business funding of up to R2 million within 24 hours. Our application is completely paperless, requires no collateral, and you’ll have an answer in hours.

Taking Advantage Of Equipment Finance

At some point in your business’s lifespan, you’ll need to upgrade, update or replace equipment. This isn’t necessarily something you can plan for the future. Emergencies and breakdowns can happen at any time, and often require immediate action. Your business could also experience accelerated growth or see an increase in demand, which would mean additional equipment would have to be purchased to meet the increased need.

The reality is that when equipment finance is needed, it’s probably already urgent. Access to this sort of business funding can mean the difference between success and failure. Rather than spending money from your revenue to pay for large, expensive items, accessing dedicated equipment finance means you’ll never have to touch the working capital that you rely on to cover your day-to-day expenses.

Lulalend offers equipment finance to businesses in the form of unsecured business funding up to R2 million that you can access within 24 hours of applying.

Let Lulalend Equip You With Quick Access To Finance

Most business owners need financing on the spot to purchase, repair or update equipment. Lulalend equips you for any of these scenarios. Accessing business finance shouldn’t be complicated or time-consuming, so we’ve developed a way to give you access to R2 million in 24-hours with our quick and easy online application that only takes minutes to complete.

Our application is completely paperless and requires no collateral. You’ll have an answer within 24 hours.

Unlike banks and other traditional lenders, you don’t even need to specify what you need your business funding for. We want your business to succeed, which is why at Lulalend, we say yes more to small businesses and SMEs.

Trust Lulalend with your equipment finance needs.

Lulalend business credit facility?

For a small business, easy access to working capital can mean the difference between a good trading month and a bad one. Lulalend’s business credit facility gives you the peace of mind of knowing you can immediately access business funding when you need it most.

With our credit facility, you have instant access to a line of revolving credit, without needing to reapply. Lulalend’s secure and paperless online application process takes only minutes. You can access up to R2 million in unsecured, unrestricted business funding. And because your business is important to us, your account is managed by a dedicated funding specialist.

How does our credit facility work?

You access your business line of credit when you need it, rather than reapplying for new business finance each time. No more unnecessary paperwork when you need extra funding; simply log in to your Lulalend profile and access funds at the click of a mouse. Here’s why more business owners are using Lulalend’s credit facility to grow:

  • You only pay for what you use.
  • There are no monthly account fees.
  • Settle whenever you want, pay no early repayment penalties.

And because the facility works like revolving credit, the capital amount becomes available again after every repayment.

You must have been in business for at least one year and make a minimum annual revenue of R500 000. Join thousands of SMEs across South Africa. Get a free quote today.

What is invoice financing?

If you’re an SME, chances are at some point you’ve had to deal with late payments from customers. Invoice financing is a way to boost cash flow while you wait to get paid. With invoice financing, the lender gives a portion of the outstanding invoices.

However, you’ll only be able to access invoice financing if you have outstanding invoices. Lulalend offers business finance based on your business’s real-time performance. It’s flexible funding for any business need.

Is invoice discounting a loan?

When your customers pay their invoices, you’ll need to pay back the loan, plus interest. Invoice finance offers less control than other types of business funding. You’re only eligible for the value of the outstanding invoices.

At Lulalend, we know you know your business best. That’s why we provide unrestricted funding of up to R2 million. Apply in minutes and get cash in your account in 24 hours.

When you need help refinancing a loan

Refinancing can be a helpful way to shift your business’s debt to a better place with the benefit of different, more favourable terms. This can help reduce your monthly repayments and give you some extra breathing room.

How refinancing works is that a business would essentially re-evaluate their current repayment structure, interest rate or credit terms in order to enjoy more favourable interest rates. It’s common practice for businesses who have taken out business financing or credit agreements.

Refinancing can also help you maintain a good credit record while simultaneously enjoying the benefit of lower interest rates. This is always better than dipping into your profits to cover your costs. The advantage of refinancing is that it allows you to maintain your repayments while your business grows, and helps reduce your debt.

Before committing to refinancing, ensure you have explored all the risks associated with this form of business funding. Many small businesses fail because of financial management, so it’s in your best interest to understand all the pros and cons to ensure your business is protected.

Immediate access to inventory finance

While traditional lenders typically take weeks and sometimes even months to approve a small business loan application, Lulalend can give you access to business funding or a business credit facility in as little as a few hours.

Our easy online application takes just a few minutes to complete,and you’ll receive your approval and access to funding in as little as 24 hours.

Speak to the Lulalend support team today about your business financing options.


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