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Navigating COVID-19 in the workplace

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Navigating COVID in the workplace

Navigating COVID-19 and indeed, any future disruption of this proportion, in the workplace should become part of daily business practices

One thing that the pandemic has taught us all is how to continue operating our lives and businesses safely and with creativity.

Here we’ve curated the best advice from the web on how navigating COVID-19 in the workplace can allow your business to continue operating-

Move online

With social distancing comes new ways of operating our businesses and one effective way is to move your operations online. Not only is it more cost effective but it greatly improves your response time when queries come in. Great for building trust with your customers!

One way to move online is to set up your own website. This allows you to control your business portfolio to the last detail- a great way to show customers who you are and what you stand for.

We’ve got some great resources to help you with this topic, namely our article covering what to consider when upgrading your website and our web development product.

Manage health & safety

Never before have health and safety policies been more crucial to business operations. A roster of which employees need to be at the office and when can be greatly beneficial to keeping your staff and customers safe. Additionally, things like temperature checking upon entering the office and ensuring hand sanitisers are available will also ensure a hygienic environment. Check out this Health & Safety resource for more information.

Communicate change

As your business adapts, communicate with your staff and customers. Let everyone know what precautions you’re taking, what works and what doesn’t. This will engender trust in your brand and your staff and will allow customers to feel safer trading with you.

Encourage empathy

There’s been a conscious shift in how people deal with each other since COVID-19 hit. People care more about each other and this should be encouraged in your company’s policies and procedures. Policies addressing stress levels and mental health should be introduced into your company’s ethos to ensure overall wellbeing. The healthier your staff, the healthier your brand.

Lastly. always adhere to your city’s restrictions and laws. They’re there for a reason.

Looking for more information on how you can successfully navigate COVID in the workplace? Check out this informative hub by WHO covering this subject.

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